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The Secrets Behind San Diego Men's Rights in Family Court

When a marriage is ending, it creates immense difficulties for everyone involved.  Both spouses to the marriage and any children of the marriage will suffer through a process that changes everyone’s lives forever and instantly.  Unfortunately, there have been norms and trends over the years in California that have come to favor women in terms of property settlements, asset divisions, child custody, visitation and spousal support.

Simply put, men who face a divorce need advocates that will fight for them and demand that those who make the decisions regarding a divorce follow the standards set out in the law when finalizing the dissolution of a marriage.  The San Diego men’s rights family lawyers at the Law Offices of Mens Divorce Lawyers have a long history of advocating successfully for men in divorce cases, and below are just a few ways in which the firm has served its male clients over the years.

Litigated Divorces

Litigated divorces can deal with relatively simple marital estates or extremely complex marital estates that involve public figures who do not want the details of their marriage and what went wrong to go public. Regardless of the specifics, when a divorce is litigated, everyone involved will face a difficult and an emotional battle.

Settled Divorces

Hopefully, everyone who wants a marriage to end will be able to work out the terms of the divorce in a civil manner so that the time and struggle involved with a litigated divorce can be avoided. Even though the prospect of working out a divorce between the parties is always a positive possibility, men still need to have their rights properly defended and enforced when it comes to certain terms of the dissolution.

Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

When the parties to a divorce do not want to face the prospect of litigation but will not be able to negotiate the terms of a divorce by themselves, they have alternative dispute resolution options that include mediation. Mediation is an emerging strategy for those who want to end a marriage and need help in finding a resolution in a civil manner. While this option provides hope for many, it still involves the protection of legal rights for men who deserve to be treated fairly under the tenets of California law.

Overall, men have legal rights much like women when it comes to a California divorce. If you are facing the prospect of ending a marriage, you owe it to yourself and perhaps to several others to take every step possible to make sure that your legal rights are properly protected. If you'd like to learn more about how to go about taking this difficult and life-changing step, contact the San Diego men's rights family lawyers at the Law Offices of Mens Divorce Lawyers today to schedule an initial, confidential consultation.

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